A photographer’s top 10 lockdown photography ideas – Create a family album and catch up with all your treasured memories.  

Lockdown may be dragging on, but if you’re hoping to learn something new, I have put together a photographer’s top 10 lockdown photography ideas to help!

If like me, you’re feeling busier than ever, trying to work for your job or own business, home schooling, fitting in daily exercise, my ideas can be fit in alongside.

I don’t want to add to your daily tasks, but I do find that adding a bit of time and space to be creative can really help your mental and physical wellbeing.

Many of my tips are designed to sit alongside ‘educational’ work for your family, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Giving yourself time to focus on something for you can really help you get away from it all, even if you can’t actually get away. 

So, here are my top10 lockdown photography ideas:

1) Get your children taking photographs
See my 6-week challenge for ideas and inspiration. Shortly I will also be releasing two photography courses, a beginner’s course for adults and a course for children too.

silhouette photography

2) Sort out your favourite smart phone images
Create beautiful small square family albums on the Chat books app. See images below for examples, they are fabulous quality have stunning hardback covers.

3) Look back at your family history
Create a family tree from photographs or even create a photograph replicating an old family image.

4) Create a family album
Maybe a yearbook from last year that you will continue to do. You can see some examples here. Or maybe just a family album of all your favourite special images.

5) Print and display some of your special images for the wall.
Companies are still working, even if the waiting time is a little longer than usual. I am able to offer this service again now too if you have recently had a shoot with me.

6) Create your long-awaited wedding album
Ask your photographer about helping you create your special wedding album that you have never got around to doing.

7) Create a digital photo album
If you don’t like the idea of physical album, or are more technically savvy, you can display your special images on a digital photo album (see example).

8) Read my blog!
I blog as often as I can and am especially trying to offer hints and tips to help you at the moment. This one about how taking family photographs can help develop a child’s positive self-image is a great one for now. 

9) Make slideshows
You can do this digitally and there are load of apps to help you do this. Many smartphones now have this function built in where you can select a group of photos from your memories or periods of time.

10) Take your camera when you go outside
With family daily exercise becoming a way of life, make sure you take your smartphone or camera when you go outside. If you want to take more photos or get better at taking photos – don’t forget your camera! And remember, practice makes perfect!


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