A Beginners Photography Course in Shropshire 

Are you one of those mums or dads who has a great camera but doesn’t know how to use it fully! YET!! Do you often get some great shots of your children but sometimes run into problems and aren’t sure why?

Then sign up for my Beginner’s Photography course in Shropshire! During lockdown in March I began to write two photography courses. A Beginners Photography course aimed at adults in Shropshire wanting to take their camera off auto and another course for children which I ran in the summer holidays. 

Here is what Julia had to say about the course: 

“Early July and the prospect of slowly coming out of lockdown was on the horizon, what better way to enjoy a little bit more freedom than enrolling on Catherine’s new Photography Course for Beginners. Throughout April and May I took part in her six-week photography competition and was fortunate to be awarded her runners up prize which was a place on the new course.  It was so lovely to be given the opportunity to further develop my skills and knowledge about photography. 

On arrival, we were greeted by a very welcome hot drink and a slice of scrumptious cake. We formed a lovely group of five who were often arriving from very busy day lives. Each week Catherine shared some of her vast knowledge, skills and experience with us. During the first few minutes, whilst we refocussed our attention to photography we were able to share our experiences and discuss what we had learnt and been able to put in to practice from the previous week. Having others to chat to was invaluable as often we were learning together and helping each other out. 

Week by week, we worked our way through the course and each week we were able to build on what we had learnt the week before. I had never taken the camera off auto, so the prospect of combining so many different elements was going to be fun. We discovered the impact of changing the “f stop”, the aperture, the exposure and the white balance whilst also making sure we created an interesting composition with good light! As you can imagine this was such a lot to take in and to think about, but Catherine was just great at guiding us through each step and giving us chances to put it all into action. As our knowledge was increasing so was our confidence, after each week we carried out a little task at home and shared our results. We gave each other feedback and could see the quality of our images improving. Within the five weeks I learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed the whole course. The photoshoot in the last week was the icing on the cake as it allowed us to put everything in to practice. Catherine is a very talented photographer who made me look at photography in a completely different light; her course is just perfect for those wanting to explore a world outside the “auto mode”. “

Julia x

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Beginners photography course

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