Bluebell Photography for family photoshoots

April and May are beautiful months for child and family photographs as the bluebells emerge and make a great backdrop for photoshoots.

I adore this time of year to take natural family portraits.

Bluebells can be tricky to photograph because of the light in wooded areas.

But I have discovered some special spots over the past few years at my home near Bishops Castle and others very local to me in south Shropshire.

I have had plenty of practice in these locations and wanted to share with you some of my favourite images – bluebell photography for family photoshoots. 



Styling your family can make or break the shoot

Clothing choice is very important when shooting in the bluebells and can make or break the shot.

Your base colour palette in all your images is going to be quite an acidic green and a very vibrant purple/ blue.

Ideally your clothing needs to fit with this colour scheme, and I suggest neutral tones such as cream, grey, light pink, pale blue and navy. 

Collage of colours as examples: 

It is important to remember that bluebells are a protected species, so I am very careful when shooting in these areas.

I won’t ask you to trample through them – we use them more as a backdrop with clever camera angles and the best use of natural light. 

For this reason, you can go to town on your clothing and choose crisp dresses and shirts for your family if you want.

I think these often work better, so as well as the colours, think clean lines and timeless classic pieces.

Transforming an image into a piece of wall art and making a perfect product for your home is what inspires me.

If you are looking for a Shropshire family photographer, please enquire for full cost breakdown and to check availability.

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