Choosing a Shropshire Wedding Photographer

It must be a minefield with where to start when choosing a photographer for your wedding in Shropshire or Wales.

I have been a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years now, working across Shropshire, Herefordshire, Wales and beyond.

So, I sat down with one of my wedding coupes recently to find out more about how and why they chose Catherine Evans photography and what they thought of my service.

Here is what Laura Burgess had to say:

1)How did you find Catherine Evans Photography?

One of my work colleagues also works as a wedding videographer and as soon as I had booked my venue I had asked for his personal recommendations of photographers.

He gave me a shortlist of the best 3 female photographers he had worked with and when I looked at Catherine’s work on her website, I knew she was the photographer for me.

2)Why did you choose her?

Catherine had photographed at our wedding venue before and was local, which again was important to me. My now husband left the decision solely to me. He was happy as long as I was happy. 

I knew I wanted a female photographer as myself and my bridal party would feel more comfortable during the morning preparations running around in our pyjamas and I just felt that a female photographer would really know how to capture ‘the getting ready’ and the sentimental moments in particular that women always want.

I contacted Catherine via email  and she was lovely and really wanted to get to know both of us and was happy to help with any of our questions and queries about any aspect of the wedding preparations.

wedding photographer

3)How far in advance did you book with her?

I booked Catherine Evans photography 18 months in advance of the wedding.

wedding at delbury hall

4)How did you find your engagement shoot?

The engagement shoot was so worthwhile.

We are not very naturally photogenetic people and don’t really like posing for photos, so this was really useful in helping us to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

It also highlighted what to expect on the day and we became a bit quicker at creating the right looks and poses.

It was also special to us as we able to have a photo with our two beloved spaniels who we could not have as part of the wedding day celebrations.

5)Where did you choose to have this and why?

Catherine came to our home which was really appreciated as both myself and my husband work late.

We would have struggled to get to Catherine in daylight, so she made the journey from south Shropshire to our home north Shropshire.

6)What do you think of Catherine’s photography style?

I really like the natural style of photography that Catherine captures and this was what drew me to her.

Even with some of the “posed” shots she manages to make them look natural and if this had just been captured “off guard.”

7)Did you feel confident that all of the photos you wanted to have taken would be? Did you have to give her a list or did you discuss?

Yes, I felt totally confident. Having a very large family there were quite a few family shots that I wanted as this was the first whole family gathering for a while.

Now, I am so glad we did as who knows when the next whole family gathering will be!

I gave Catherine a list and discussed this with her  beforehand on the day my father helped gather the people who were required and this was done in a very unobtrusive way.

8)Apart from the staged shots, did you notice the photographer much on the day?

No, she was so good at blending in the with wedding party and was really lovely with all my guests especially the little ones that were there.

9)What did you think when you first saw the photos?

We were blown away with what she had managed to capture and we loved every single one of the photos from the day. There really wasn’t a bad one.

 10)Were you surprised how many candid photos you got?

Yes! It was lovely to see photographs of moments of the wedding we weren’t there for or didn’t witness and see guests just enjoying themselves and being themselves without having to pose for the shot.

These really captured the heart the day.

11)Which are your favourite photos of the day?

It’s very hard to choose just a few as they are all amazing  but I love the shots which were captured in the church.

They are just the most beautiful photos and so special as they really capture the beautiful vows, we made that day.

My next favourite is the shot Catherine managed to capture of all 130+ of the entire wedding party.

I also really liked the black and white photos that look so classic and the photos of myself and my husband in the walled gardens of Delbury Hall.

Delbury Hall wedding

12)What are you going to do with your wedding photos now you have them?

My mother and father had them made into an album for us as a surprise and I have some large multi-aperture frames of my  favourite pictures of myself and my husband on the day from a website that Catherine recommended.

I hope to get some more framed pictures up of other moments of the wedding up in the house soon.

13)Would you recommend Catherine Evans?

Most definitely without hesitation.

14) Do you think the work and photos she provided offer value for money?

Yes, for her professionalism, the amount time spent during the wedding day and afterwards selecting and editing the amazing photographs we have, which must take hours.

I firmly believe in  investing in the best photographer you can as the photos are what is going to last you a lifetime and are what you will look back on to remember the day.

What Catherine offers is very much value for money. I feel you would not get the quality of photos and service for less.

“We could have maybe found cheaper photographers, but I don’t think we would have had what we had from Catherine throughout the whole process if we did, and we have around 700 hundred photos of the day to cherish. Worth every penny.

 15)Anything else you would like to add?

I will most definitely be calling upon Catherine again to photograph any children we are lucky enough to have in the future.

I love the thought of having a photographer who is there to capture the special moments in your life and that already ready knows you.”

Take a look at my galleries if you are choosing a Shropshire wedding Photographer. 


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