We are all guilty of it – having a phone, a camera, a computer and various social media feeds full of pictures of our children. But where are we in that frame? As a family photographer in Shropshire, when I shoot weddings, lifestyle portraits and as a specialist newborn photographer, I am blessed to be able to capture people’s family journeys – from engagement shoots to bump shots through to the precious newborn and growing children photos. And who is the main person in all this? Mums and Dads..and I am in such a privileged position, behind the lens but able to see so much more than what comes out in the finished photo. That is just one moment in time – captured immortally from any number of truly special moments which I see going on between parents and their children.

New mums have often been through the mill – you have carried a baby for nine months, your body has changed, birth is hard and you are tired – boy are you tired! And even though you can’t find time to go to the toilet, get a piece of toast and brush, let alone wash your hair –
you have a tiny new life to nurture and all of the incredible moments that brings. Despite the fact that finding 10 minutes to yourself each day is challenging – what’s not challenging is holding your babies hand, kissing their plump cheeks, stroking their hair as you feed them. And as they grow laughing with them at the toy, watching their face light up as the bird takes flight and seeing their expressions change as they take on new sensations.

As a family photographer in Shropshire I see all these special moments when I spend time with families. Each and every one of them is magical – and as a photographer who is trained to look for these moments and a mother myself – who can’t help but see them in every day relationships, everywhere I go, it’s a wonderful vantage point.

In short – from the minute you become pregnant and start this lifetime commitment to parenthood – you will always put your child first. They will eat first and your dinner will be cold – or you will make do with their squidgy, fingered leftovers, you will do everything in your
power to ensure they sleep – even if you have only 10cms of the bed or have to sleep sitting up because they have a cough or walk for four hours even though you are exhausted yourself. Watching the same children’s programme over and over will come before the opportunity for you to do even 10 minutes of exercise and you’ll make sure they are wearing something cute and clean before you worry about your own appearance. I know this happens and I know you will, as the wonderful doting parents that you are, do everything you can to put your child at the centre of your universe. But do you know what is and always will be at the centre of theirs? You. Don’t forget to make sure you appear in just some of these moments which are captured forever as memories. Your hand in their, your kiss on their skin, your chest where they sleep, your smile as you laugh at the bird. These moments go on for every family every day and I am lucky enough to see them all the time. Don’t look back and regret that you weren’t in those images. You don’t want your children to say “Mummy was too tired, she doesn’t like photographs of herself. “Mum where were you in our family photographs, there are none of you?”

It is my new year’s resolution as a Mum to have a family portrait session this year with some photographs of me with my children and my husband too! I am not going to be the one behind the lens this time, I’m going to be in those photographs. Watch this space … I will share them with you.

You don’t realise how important these photographs will ever be, how much them will be treasured. So let’s make a date, be it in the park, at home, running free within the fields. Let’s cherish those moments with your loved ones. Let me capture some of these moments for you together, forever. Here are some of the wonderful family moments I have been lucky enough to capture.

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