Shropshire Wedding Photography – Ironbridge wedding of Kelly to Sammy Linn.

Ironbridge offers a fabulous setting for wedding photographs, in Shropshire’s river Severn valley. Kelly and Sammy had a beautiful wedding celebration in Ironbridge, visiting the gardens near by for a lovely intimate selection of photographs.

A World Heritage Site and the beating heart of the Industrial Revolution, the Ironbridge Gorge is home to some amazing museums that make for an unforgettable experience.

“The earliest bridge of cold blast iron designed by Abraham Darby in 1778. The charm as well as the admirable boldness of the bridge is indeed its light and lacy thinness.” – Pevsner

It was at Ironbridge, Shropshire that first large scale production of cast iron was developed using a process pioneered by Abraham Darby. Items made in Ironbridge were shipped all over the world.

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