In home newborn photography


As a natural and specialist newborn photographer in Shropshire, I love documenting my clients’ day to day lives, as they take their first steps into parenthood and learn about what it means to be mummy and daddy. Taking natural newborn photographs at home can be a very special experience. 



At home newborn photo shoots generally take place within the first 14 days of a baby’s life. This is because babies spend most of their time sleeping when they are very new and this dream, sleepy stage means that I can safely position your baby into those really cute poses. Or they will be comfortably asleep on you if you want to pose with them.



But as a mum myself, I recognise that the first few weeks can feel really tiring, stressful, strange, overwhelming and all manner of emotions which come with being a new mum. With this in mind, I know that even though I have a beautiful studio at my home in Bishops Castle, with a warm temperature, a range of backdrops and props, settings and lighting – not to mention non-stop tea, coffee and biscuits in which to run newborn phot sessions, that many new parents actually don’t feel like straying far from the nest and venturing to a studio.


With this in mind, I also offer ‘at home’ newborn shoots, which enable me to visit you at a more convenient time and capture your baby and yourselves in a truly relaxed and natural manner. This means you don’t have to go anywhere and you and your baby will be in familiar surroundings (well, as familiar as they can be if you are few days old!) and you can relax into the shoot, helping me to create images which ensure you treasure these precious memories forever. As time really does fly – even though everyone tells you this!


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