Newborn baby photos at home in Shropshire and Wales

I really feel for expectant and new mums right now and wanted to share some tips and ideas on how to take newborn baby photos at home.

With the country in coronavirus lockdown, many new mums and their families will feel they are missing out on lots of opportunities that in ‘normal’ life, would have been available to them.

They can’t show their baby off to family and friends right now. Which must be very sad and difficult.

Even though it’s the perfect time to snuggle down in the cocoon of your own home with their immediate family unit, we all know too well that a newborn changes by the day.

If you were planning a newborn photoshoot, or even if you want some fantastic images of your baby and your family that, let’s face it, the hordes of excited visitors would have been taking for you, I want to help!

I’m a professional newborn photographer in Shropshire and Wales, with nearly 15 years’ photography experience.

I have a studio at home with professional studio lighting & along with everything I have learned, I am pretty confident with the standard of my newborn photography. 

But that doesn’t mean that with a little help and a camera phone, you can’t take some absolute classics yourself!

Over the next six weeks I am going to share some blogs for new and expectant mums, all based around the idea of newborn photography.

I’ll share some tips to help you take newborn photos at home, advice for hospital, and tell you a bit about different newborn photography styles.

I will even have an offer coming up to assist you if you want professional photos after lockdown.

I take photos from newborn right through childhood, so if you miss out now, don’t worry, you can always get professional photos of your baby or child as they grow.

You can see some of these images here.

I have compiled a PDF for you with “my tips for how to take newborn baby photos at home.” Please email me at if you’d like a copy and I will send it to you asap. 

For now, stay safe, and enjoy your pregnancy and newborn baby.



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