Older Baby Photoshoot;  If you missed a newborn shoot for any reason don’t worry you can book an older baby photoshoot. There are plenty of reasons to go for a sitting with a slightly older baby – or you may want to document this next stage in your child’s life in addition to your newborn pictures.

In an older baby photoshoot they can showcase their winning smile, their wave, their squishy face and body and their personality really comes in to play! Plus older babies can participate a bit more and often show us what positions are their favourites!

By the time babies are sitting independently their little personalities are really starting to shine through. Celebrate this special milestone by booking a Sitting Baby Session

I photograph in a very relaxed, natural way capturing little one (and you) in an honest, authentic way. I want to tell the story of your world as it is now, capturing real memories of your baby for you to treasure forever.

These sessions are usually timed so that baby is confidently sitting up and not yet walking, so between around 6-9 months.

Please drop me a line via the contact form to book your session.

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