Step into a winter wonderland of romance with Chris and Charlotte’s enchanting wedding at Rowton Castle near Shrewsbury. Nestled just a short distance from Shrewsbury, Rowton Castle emerges as one of England’s most magical castle wedding venues. The fairy tale unfolded with Chris and Charlotte’s Disney-themed celebration, capturing hearts and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The journey began at their local church, where vows were exchanged in a ceremony filled with warmth and love. Transitioning to the reception at Rowton Castle, the venue itself became a canvas of beauty, decorated with Christmas lights and exquisite florals and candles  arranged by TMS Events. The result? A breathtaking spectacle that echoed the spirit of the season.

Rowton Castle proved to be a photographer’s paradise, offering picturesque settings to capture the essence of this wonderful day. From the historic charm of the castle’s architecture to the festive ambiance created by twinkling lights, every detail played a role in weaving together a visual tapestry of love and celebration. Chris and Charlotte’s winter wedding at Rowton Castle truly exemplified the magic and romance that this exceptional venue has to offer.

Wedding dress from the award wining Castle Brides near Bishops Castle. 



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