Small intimate weddings

Many couples are now choosing to have a smaller, more intimate wedding ceremony rather than the traditional full day of celebrations.

I’ve introduced a micro wedding package to help brides and grooms who don’t require a full day of photography. My package is designed to be flexible so that you can have the exact coverage you need and is coupled with a range of payment options to put your mind at ease.

Sometimes a smaller wedding can take place mid-week, or be an off-season wedding, or winter wedding. During these times venues often offer discounts, offers or promotions based on getting bookings during their quieter months.

Advantages of smaller weddings

One advantage of having a smaller, more intimate wedding is that they are typically a very relaxed occasion, so you can spend more time with your loved ones. As a photographer, it also gives us a little more time to be creative and those extra minutes really can help us. You aren’t expecting a perfect English summer’s day if you plump for an off-season, smaller wedding. So, if the weather if rainy, cold, snowy, blustery etc, you are unlikely to be disappointed. Rainy cold days in July are such a letdown when you’ve been planning this day for months or years.

If your wedding is in November, December, January, or February, you should be very careful when choosing your wedding photographer. Not every photographer handles the winter light very well and you don’t want to risk not receiving beautiful winter wedding images. Be sure your photographer has experience with off-camera flash. If your photographer knows how to use the off-camera flash, the schedule of your wedding day can be much more flexible, and the images can be more magical too. My experience with couples is that they are now discovering the big advantages that a mid-week weddings offer compared with the extra costs that come with the more popular weekend date.

Top benefits of mid-week weddings

Here’s a roundup of the top reasons to consider a mid-week wedding. There are certainly some points to think about potential dates!

1) Choosing a special date that’s important to you both

When choosing from a list of Saturdays you are restricted to just 52 days of choice. By opening up to the idea of a mid-week wedding you can choose a special date that means something special to both of you. It could be the day you met, your engagement or perhaps you have a family tradition of marrying on a certain date.

2) Potentially save money on your wedding venue and more

Venue cost especially will likely be one of the largest expenses for your big day and many venues do offer discounts or more affordable packages for mid-week or out-of-season weddings.

3) More availability for your perfect venue

Popular wedding venues get booked up many years in advance and you might struggle to get a date at a dream wedding venue. With mid-week being less popular you might find your dream venue has some dates available for you.

4) Have more at your wedding

Saving on venue and suppliers for your wedding means you might have some extra cash left over for more entertainment, an open bar, fireworks, or other items.

5) Guests might get an extra day off work

Ok so they’ll have to book the day off work if they work through the week. But you might find they are actually more than happy to take that day off or even a couple of days and treat it like a break. Especially if they are traveling to your wedding.

6) Save your guests money on accommodation and travel

It’s not just wedding venues and suppliers that can cost less through the week. Hotels and taxis/trains etc also generally have cheaper rates through the week.

Not everyone chooses to get married at the weekend. With costs reduced for the venue and suppliers, I feel it is only fair that my prices also reflect this in my bespoke packages.

Coverage starts from only £450 (Mon-Thurs)

I have created a micro or mini wedding package for your smaller intimate weddings. Suitable for up to 40 guests or fewer. See examples below.

Small Intimate Wedding Pricing

 *October – April only and offer excludes Bank Holidays and school holidays

 Up to 5 hours of photography on the day for £850

Approx. 350 high res images (preparations, the arrival, the ceremony, wedding reception for approx. 2 hours couple shots/groups/guests).  

Up to 3 hours of photography on the day for £450

Approx. 200 high res images (the arrival, the ceremony, shots afterwards of your choice e.g. couple shots/groups/guests).

*Additional packages can be created to design your own bespoke wedding service.

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