The wedding you really want

There comes a time in every bride-to-be’s life when you have to decide on the wedding you really want – and it’s really no different for a wedding photographer in Shropshire!

I am based in south Shropshire, where my home and studio are. I am actually a farmer’s wife myself and so I really cut my teeth working on weddings on farms and in the great Shropshire and Welsh outdoors. I started out, as many photographers do as they are building up their portfolios, taking photos for friends of their weddings. And lots of these were at people’s own homes in marquees or barns and taking in the stunning Shropshire countryside.

I guess I have made rather a name for myself in this way, and landscape photography is as much of a skill as lifestyle and portraiture – and wedding photography involves specialising in all of these!

Fortunately, I am very well-booked up for weddings, and for a good photographer you should expect to be enquiring at least a year ahead to secure a spot over the busy summer wedding season. But as the years I have gone by, and the fashions for weddings change, more unusual wedding venues are inevitably seeping in. Among some of my ‘bucket list’ weddings, I have been lucky to enough to be the chosen photographer at venues including Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, Henley Hall in Ludlow, Shropshire and Garthmyl Hall in Powys, Wales. These are some really stunning venues with external grounds and internal historical features which really are a dream to photograph. This May I even photographed a wonderfully romantic couple where the groom, a real-life ‘prince’ led his beautiful bride on her horse down the stunning paths at Henley Hall.

Photographing weddings is a full-time job in itself, apart from the long hours during the day, there is the pre-wedding shoot, preparation and hours of editing which follow. I simply wouldn’t be happy if your pictures weren’t as perfect as possible. And there are hundreds to go through. So, I want to make sure I remain a photographer who has the stamina to give each and every wedding the utmost care and attention it needs.

If you were to ask me what other weddings would be a dream to photograph, I would have to say my top 5 would be:

  1. A destination wedding

Yes! I know – what a hardship coming with you to photograph your wedding abroad or at a special venue! But it is a dream of mine to join you and your circle as you have a romantic wedding somewhere you’ve always dreamed of. Destination weddings may be the stuff of dreams, but trust me, you want a great photographer to really make the most of the light and the landscape, and I would love to be her!  

  1. Shropshire wedding venues

As I have said, I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to photograph weddings at some really lovely Shropshire venues. But two on my bucket list are Iscoyd Park and Davenport House. Iscoyd Park is a private country house wedding and events venue touching the borders of North Wales, Shropshire and Cheshire. It hosts weddings, parties, and celebrations of all types and sizes. As well as company retreats, events, supper clubs, talks and anything that is interesting and a little bit different. Davenport House in Worfield, near Bridgnorth, is a magnificent Grade I listed Georgian country, which was restored in 2017. With original, authentic features, Davenport House is a family home steeped in history and now an enchanting destination intended for the joy and celebration of weddings. If you are planning a wedding at either of these venues, I would love to hear from you!

  1. Festival wedding

If you are planning a festival wedding, it’s bound to have so many personal touches and rustic charm and let’s face it, some really fun guests! So, this is one I would love to tick off my list. I just adore seeing the individual touches that people bring to their weddings and the incredible ideas at a boho wedding and the couples behind them are something I would love to have the chance to be a part of.

  1. Themed wedding

If you are planning something fun/wacky/entertaining for your special day, then I’d love to hear from you! Have you got a penchant for steampunk, or want to go back to the 50s? If you have an idea or an era that you love, and want to create a wedding around that theme, I can just imagine the photos now and would be thrilled to help you capture it!

  1. Beach wedding

Sunshine, sea, sand and light! I love sand between my toes as much as the next person, but I also dream of capturing the bride and groom having a kiss at sunset, or the way the breeze blows that wonderful destination dress. Maybe you want to carry your bride along some cobbled streets or smash a few Greek plates! This is a bucket list dream of mine – isn’t it everyone’s?


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