Don’t let your treasured wedding pictures pass you by! Design a stunning wedding album with your photographer. 

How do you choose the perfect wedding photographer? You will likely have received lots of recommendations from friends, you might have done a social media shout out asking who is good and you have probably trawled the internet to have a good old look yourself. So when you have finally settled on your chosen photographer, hopefully Catherine Evans Photography , you should feel fairly satisfied you have picked the right pe]rson to capture the memories of the most important day of your life.

Your photographer will spend time talking to you about what you do and don’t want on the day, have visited or already know your venue and if you are lucky – have already practised photographing you in an engagement or pre-wedding shoot. This not only helps you all get to know each other – but the sessions will have provided you with some professional photos of the two of you in the build-up to the big day. It’s really fun and really romantic and you get a sneak preview of what you might be like in your wedding pics.

By the time the big day comes and goes – more often than not couples escape for a few days or more on honeymoon and sleep, reminisce and recover from the many months of wedding build-up. When you return, normal life resumes, maybe you open all your wedding gifts and cards and go back to work. During this time, the wedding photographer will have spent many hours editing and sorting through the hundreds, if not thousands of wedding photos they captured on the big day to provide you with the very best examples. 

You should always receive a USB stick with these on and they are yours to do what you like with – make into slide shows, print out, frame, create books or if life really does get in the way, as it so often does, slip into a drawer…..

This is a real shame – a baby might come along and then you might be back in touch with your photographer to photograph the baby and the walls and shelves become adorned with those pictures instead! 

At Catherine Evans Photography, what I urge you to think about, is not just tossing that precious USB in a drawer, but instead to consider making a wedding album before life inevitably gets in the way. 

Wedding albums really are a thing of beauty and are a possession for you to treasure forever. The albums I create and produce are Queensberry Albums. They are of such a high quality and will exceed anything you could ever create yourself on the internet. I have examples I can show you so you can see them to believe it! I understand budgets means albums aren’t always a priority, but I have shopped around to find the best tried and tested companies and products for you. Once you have spent the time, effort and money on finding a wedding photographer and having all your wedding photos produced – it really is a shame just to keep them on a usb stick in a drawer. 

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