To pose or not to pose?

If you’ve stumbled across Catherine Evans Photography, been recommended by someone or are reading this now – please enjoy looking through my wedding galleries and have a think about what sort of imagery you want of your big day.

Hopefully you can see that I offer a mixture of shots – ranging from formal ones to artistic couple shots and informal photos of your friends and family.

The amount of each is really up to you and I will work with you from our first informal meeting to our relaxed engagement or pre-wedding shoot to get a feel for you as a couple and what you like ready for the ‘big day’.

For some couples and their families, tradition is important and they want to get all the old favourites in there, from the moment the bride first greets her Dad at the bottom of the stairs, to all the formal family photos, with each and both sets of parents, with grandparents, with groomsmen and bridesmaids and even with the Vicar! 

This is all totally fine and I will ensure I have a good list of who, when and where these photos need to be taken when planning your wedding day shoot. But I am also mindful that too many organised shots take time to gather everyone together and this can eat into the time that you want you enjoy your day. So I will always offer advice about this and am personally mindful not to take up too much of your precious time in this way.

My style generally captures a good mix of photos and I feel it’s really important to offset the formal photos with more relaxed and impromptu shots. Even if before your wedding day you are thinking the family photo will be the one you frame and put on the wall, many couples actually find it’s a moment of something totally unexpected and natural that I had the good fortune to capture that really sums up your day and makes it into pride of place or becomes the thank you card.

Maybe it’s a laugh you share when cutting the cake or enjoying your first dance, maybe it’s a private moment between the two of you on your walk back from somewhere where we have done some staged group shots, maybe it’s something funny or touching which happens during the speeches. It’s my job to be in front of you and help you quickly get into position for any photos you know in advance you want and also to hang back and be almost invisible so that while you get on with enjoying your day, I am busy capturing all the natural moments between you, your friends and your family, which help to create a beautiful, timeless story of your day through artistic imagery.

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