What to do after the wedding is over 

I think it must be universally accepted that once the big day has come to an end, you’ll be left thinking what to do after the wedding is over.

It’s SO COMMON to be not only on a high, but also to experience some post wedding blues.

So, I’ve put together a little checklist for newlyweds to consider after the wedding!

I’m sure this list includes a few things you won’t have thought about but thinking of them might actually help to take your mind off things and give you new focus.

Fun things to do after the wedding

Send thank-you cards. This is first on our checklist for newlyweds, because it can be quite time consuming!

If you’re doing a wedding photo card, look no further than one of the selection from your West Midlands wedding photographer!

You can order your own cards from a stationery supplier, or get them printed online.

Who gets thank you cards? Well, everyone who had something to do with the wedding, or gave a gift, cash, donation, etc. Which will technically be pretty much everyone!

Sort out the left-over decor

You can list it on Pre- Loved or selling groups if you’d like to make back a few pounds. You can also donate it to charity.

You can also keep some to turn into décor in your home, upcycle or frame.

Don’t leave it for too long, because if you always put it off until ‘tomorrow’, it’ll end up in the attic for years to come and can be hard to part with!

wedding decor

Return all gifts that are returnable

Even in today’s mega communicative world, some couples still get three toasters they didn’t ask for.

As long as they’re in the original packaging and you know where they came from, the store will very likely take them back in exchange for another item or store credit.

wedding gifts

What to do with your wedding dress?

If you’re going to keep it, then it’s pretty important to have the dress professionally cleaned and stored as soon as possible.

Some couples choose to have the dress made into a christening gown for their first baby.

Or if you’re looking to give your dress a new home, there are plenty of stores which sell on pre-loved wedding dresses. There are always selling sites and eBay!

Do a bit of research first and see what similar gowns sold for, so you can list for an attractive price.

Or you can donate your gown to charity – a beautiful gesture that will make a future bride on a tight budget very happy.

your wedding dress

Change your name legally!

If you have decided to take your partner’s name, you will need to think about changing it on things such as your passport, bank cards, driving licence and a host of insurance policies!

If you hold any coverage separately or together, you will to update a new surname, or add your new spouse to the policy so they can administer it.

It’s also a good time to see if you can save some money! For example, a joint car insurance policy plus a property policy from one insurance company could cost far less than separate policies scattered over different companies.

Most will only ask to see your marriage certificate as confirmation. Remember to also change your name at work for correspondence purposes, email, and tax documents too.

Check governmental information online for more information on this.

Start thinking about your first anniversary.

Too soon, you ask? Not at all! Time flies, and besides, it’s a wonderful thing to look forward to and helps keep all that wedding magic alive.

We highly recommend checking with your wedding venue whether they offer any discounted getaway packages for anniversary couples.

Or, think about a special place you’d like to visit together. The first anniversary is paper, so get creative and make something – perhaps from some of your wedding prints or your wedding cards!

wedding cards

And finally…

Don’t let the post-wedding blues get to you. It can make you feel sad when all that organising, build-up and excitement is over.

You can find yourself with nothing to focus on and it can feel a little strange to lose what dominated your life for a year or more.

You might have discovered you’re a natural-born organiser, so now may be the perfect time to throw yourself into a new project.

You could start a blog, a small business on the side, or a new course to further your career.

You might move to a new house and want to renovate it, and then there’s the possibility of thinking of the patter of tiny feet if starting or furthering a family is something for you.

And then, I look forward to meeting you all over again for a pregnancy or newborn shoot!

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