What to expect from a newborn photography shoot

It might feel like a bit of an effort to come for a photo shoot at such an early stage in your child’s life, so I wanted to tell you what to expect from a newborn photography shoot.

Whether it’s your first or fifth baby, I recommend newborn photos be taken within the first 14 days and these early days are always a bit of whirlwind. You might think, when the time comes, it all seems like rather a lot of effort and you wish you could just curl up with the baby, but these early days are worth documenting and keeping forever. Trust me.

Everyone says blink and you’ll miss it, but nothing is truer at this precious time.

Coming to my studio in south Shropshire, will allow you some space and time to really relax and enjoy your baby – I promise! And you can curl up and just relax on my sofa. 

Here are some things to expect of your newborn photography in Shropshire:

1) We aim to book your session within the first 14 days of your babies’ life. This is because babies are at their most naturally sleepy at this time, which allows me to safely pose them in those dreamy sleepy poses.

2) We pencil you in for dates around your due date. I don’t expect your baby to be on time for me! I just ask that you drop me a line when the baby is born, and I will work around you to fit in a slot. If your baby is very early or premature, we will absolutely wait until the time is safe to take your photos, even if that means waiting weeks or months.

3) If you can aim to keep your baby alert/awake before you come and give them a nice big feed, then fingers crossed for a sleepy photo-shoot. I realise this is harder said than done with a car journey – but we can try!

newborn photography shoot

4) I ask people to dress their baby in a front fastening grow and no vest for ease of undressing and wrapping. Unless you choose my Classic style, if so arrive with your baby in a new white vest (and maybe a spare…or two!!)

5) My studio will be kept warm so your baby can maintain its body temperature, even when in their precious birthday suit! This makes it very relaxing for all!

6) Mum and Dad should wear cool and comfortable clothes, as the studio will be nice and warm. Neutral colours and tones always photograph well for parent shots and please avoid logos and busy patterns on shirts. Block colour is good. And just in case there are any small toilet accidents (not you, the baby!), bringing an extra set of clothes is always a good idea.

7) The shoot will be very relaxed and slow-paced, taking up to three plus hours. This is so we can consider your babies’ needs – stopping for feeds, nappy changes, the chance to fall sound asleep and of course a cup of tea for mum and dad! Time is taken to get your baby into a deep, deep sleep before starting the shoot to enable those beautiful sleepy poses.

8) Coffee, tea and biscuits are free for Mum, Dad or a guest you bring to the newborn photography shoot. Relaxing on the sofa with a magazine or a book is encouraged! You’ll be on hand to care for the baby and watch all the proceedings.

9) The studio is fully equipped with professional lighting and gorgeous hand-picked, quality props such as blankets and throws made from natural materials. I will carefully plan and style your shoot to suit your little one, providing all blankets and accessories. Your baby brings their best outfit of all – their birthday suit!

10) If baby has a bottle, please make sure you have bought enough with you for feeds and if they use a dummy please bring one with you, it can be very helpful for getting them back off to sleep. If you’re breastfeeding, just bring yourself! Give me a text when you leave home and please shout if you need any further directions en-route or local pub recommendations!

I can’t wait to see you and your little bundle/s of joy! For further information on newborn photography in Shropshire and Wales and my gallery click here and please contact me for any further information including how to book.



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