What to wear to your Autumn Winter Family Photo Shoot in Shropshire

If you have booked a family photo shoot in Shropshire you might be wondering what to wear?

Obviously I want your photos to be stunning, but that’s my job and I can take care of that! So above all I want you to wear something practical, that makes you feel comfortable so you can relax and enjoy the session.

With the clocks changing, the nights are getting longer and the leaves are turning such wonderful hues before falling to the ground. This is a wonderful time of year so many reasons – all that colour and wholesome activities! Pumpkin picking, Halloween, Bonfire Night, and all the outings and activities that come with this season.

There are just so many beautiful and colourful locations around Shropshire, Herefordshire and Wales. We are so lucky here with our dramatic landscapes, hills and woods and with the addition of a stunning autumnal light, you can achieve some gorgeous family photographs. Not to mention, all the fun the kids have, searching for conkers, finding crunchy leaves to jump in and take home for craft activities.

So here are some tips to help you out when searching for an autumn wardrobe with the family photo shoot in mind.

How to choose the right colours

I always recommend starting off with a colour palette. Choose from 2-4 different colours that complement eachother.

Good autumnal colours are cream, blue, mustard yellow, brown and burgandy. Sometimes teal or red could also work well if you want a little more colour pop. You could also use a more neutral/simple. We want natures’ colours to stand out and be complemented by your clothes.

Layer up

Being comfortable and dressed appropriately for the weather is essential. If we are outside I don’t want anyone freezing or they won’t relax for the pictures!

Our lovely British weather can be wonderfully unpredictable, so planning what you are going to wear and layering up is essential. As long as your colour palette works together across all the layers, you’ll be fine. You can also be confident that if it’s too warm you can take your coat off or maybe just have a chunky sweater with a nice top/dress.

autumn family portraits

What to avoid

You and your family will always be my main focus so we don’t want anything to draw attention away from that. This includes clothing with big prints, texts and logos, which are hugely distracting.

Mismatching colours or bright/neon colours don’t look very natural against the beautiful colours of Autumn. So I would avoid those! Please have a look at some of my recent family photo shoots above and drop me a line if you would like any further information or to book your own session!

Autumn wardrobe ideas below: 



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