Why Is Newborn Photography Important?

Photoshoots allow us to reminisce about some of the most memorable and important moments in our lives. Be it a wedding, anniversary, or the birth of a child—these moments quickly go by before we even realise, and it’s important that we do what we can to remember these beautiful times.

One way to treasure your baby’s first few days is by investing in a newborn photoshoot. 

I offer newborn photoshoots Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Herefordshire, or Mid Wales and they allow you to relive your baby’s initial days before they start growing.

Babies change and grow really fast

Those rosy cheeks and tiny toes won’t stay the same for a long. Infact, babies start to grow within a few weeks of birth and lose some of their newborn charm and characteristics in no time and they start to open their eyes more and begin to make facial expressions and interact with you very quickly.

With newborn photoshoots, you can ensure that you capture those fleeting moments in the most efficient and artistic manner.

A newborn photoshoot ensures that all your baby’s features and tiny body parts are captured – like tiny toes and fingers, sleepy poses, and expressions.

A professional photographer will know the best angles, safe poses, and safe lighting that will make your images really beautiful and timeless.

Make an announcement and say thank you

You can use the collection of photographs of your newborn baby to announce the addition of your newest family member.

This is a gorgeous chance to share professional newborn photographs with your loved ones. You can even use them to create thank you cards for the gifts and well wishes you receive. This is a very popular and personal choice.

Professional newborn photography in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Newborn photography is not an easy task, and the photographer doing so should be professional and highly skilled as the baby’s safety is paramount.

If you’re looking for a professional photographer to capture photographs of your newborn in Shropshire, I can help you here at Catherine Evans Photography. My new studio is now based in Shrewsbury, brand new and ready to welcome you.

importance of newborn photos

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