Fine art baby photography

Walk into any card shop, browse the internet for posters and you’ll find adorable pictures of babies which is why newborn photos are works of art.

Properly posed newborns are arguably just about the cutest thing out there. Far from spamming your social media feeds and annoying your friends with endless phone snaps of your little one, newborn photos command a different reaction.

I have spent many hours properly training with newborn specialist photographers and many more hours practising with baby models to ensure I am confident, well-rehearsed and capable.

This not only means that as a parent you can feel rest assured your baby is in safe hands, but also confident that the poses I can position your baby in will create truly stunning images.

As with all my work, people don’t generally ask me to take photos to sit in a drawer or on a usb stick. Obviously asking a professional photographer like me to take photos of your wedding day, family or newborn is going to cost money. You are not just paying for my time behind the lens, but also in post-production editing and also for my experience. 

I have talked before about how important it is to find a newborn photographer who has properly trained and know how to safely handle your baby. This is vital from a confidence and safety perspective, but also from a quality point of view.

My training allows me to be able to capture tiny fingers and toes, curled up little foetal poses or those with that beautiful head resting on the arms. 

I can add in hand-picked specialist accessories such as blankets, hats, and floor coverings all made from natural materials which not only add a splash of colour if necessary but texture and a stunning backdrop or addition to your photo.

I have given a great deal of thought, time and practice to the way I photography your baby, and whichever of my two styles you go for classic and pure or fresh and contemporary, I want your photos to be treasured as the works of art they really are. Timeless and perfect, photos that capture the first precious days of your baby’s life and the absolutely adorable and innocent way your baby was during those weeks.

No, these are not photos to stay hidden away, they are photos to show everyone, share everywhere, put on your wall and fill up albums with. Your baby is the most perfect piece of art in the world, and if you choose me to help you capture him or her, I will be so honoured.

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