Catherine Evans Photography, based in Shropshire – is officially a one-man band. However I do offer a fantastic option of having a second photographer. So WHY would you choose a second photographer? 

I try to keep at the very top of my profession, but sometimes that means two is better than one. For this reason, I often bring in another professional photographer to ensure the very best moments of your wedding day are captured.

There are a lot of benefits to having a second shooter and it’s ultimately you – the client, who reaps the rewards of this set-up.


Firstly, I only work with other tried and tested professional photographers whom I can trust to work in a way that compliments my own style. The dynamic between us is good and neither of us will ever be that visible on your wedding day, instead, we will be in the background, taking photos you won’t even know we have taken. I always edit all of the photos so you can be assured the same look, feel and style is carried through all the pictures.


So what does the second shooter actually do? Even though I’m good, I can’t be in two places at once! And as I have said many times before, your wedding day is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you don’t want to miss anything – for example – bride AND groom prep. Having a second photographer also means you get more photos of the special touches we know you will have spent months, possibly years putting together to compliment your special day. One of us could be concentrating on the groom, while the other is focusing on the bridal preparation, you also get lots more detailed shots and nothing is missed. Usually, there is a list of photos/moments you will tell me you want to ensure are captured. So one can be with the happy couple getting some of these moments, while the other is ‘in the undergrowth’ capturing more natural shots of guests and the venue. 


Even though I work with photographers who will work in a similar way and style to me, you may well prefer seeing something from a different angle. The ceremony is of course one of the most wonderful parts of the day. That wedding ring only slides on once and you only get one crack at a first kiss! One photographer will, of course, be perfectly positioned to capture these moments, but two means you can get these moments captured from different angles. This is also true during the speeches, group shots and the lovely time after the ceremony where everyone is mingling. If you don’t like yourself from one side you will have another to choose from. One might be close-up and one far away with plenty of the church or venue in the picture. 

Having a second photographer adds a whole different dimension to your wedding photographs. 

If you want to see some examples of how and why a second photographer really works – have a look at this gallery, which will show some of different angles and the wealth and breadth of photos you can have of your big day. You could build some beautiful artwork of some of the moments we have discussed – first kiss, first dance, cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet – where more than one image can be put together to show the story of that moment and the story of your day.

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