Why you should spend some alone time on your wedding day

Today I want to talk to you about spending some alone time on your wedding day…with your photographer! Also the importance of your couple shots. 

A good wedding photographer will blend into the background, and apart a few gentle pointers in the right direction, will let you get on your day.

When I work with my wedding couples, we have almost always spent some quality time together before the big day on an engagement shoot.

This is not just about providing you with some timeless photos as an unmarried couple in the run up to the big day.

It is also about us all getting to know each other, and you giving me the opportunity to let me know what photos you want on the day itself.

During this time, we not only discuss the type of pics you want, how many ‘official’ or staged pics, but also how much you want me to ‘document’.

I love doing these types of photos, that are literally a more documentary style of taking photos. This is where you carry on, talking to each other and others, dancing, doing speeches etc and I just take the pics!

One of the golden pieces of advice that I always give to a wedding couple, is that despite months or even years of planning, the day itself can feel as if it passes you by in the blink of an eye.

It is therefore essential, if not criminal if you don’t sneak off for a few moments of alone time on your wedding day. And of course, I will follow!

These sacred snippets allow you to take stock and digest that you are, infact, in the midst of your very own wedding day…at last!

I am sure you can imagine that with all that planning and expectation, even the calmest of couples are filled with adrenaline on their wedding day.

Having a moment or two quietly together, perhaps in a special spot at your venue that we will have discussed beforehand, not only calms the nerves, it also brings you back to the present moment.

It is it in these calm moments of reflection that I can work with you to capture some truly special, forever moments. Some of the first moments of you are a Mr and Mrs, or Mr and Mr or Mrs and Mrs!

I won’t spoil this time I PROMISE. And I also promise that if you get this time alone, the time to enjoy each other, is something when caught on camera, that you will truly cherish, for the rest of your lives.

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